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Because of the continued support of people like you we are able to continually achieve our mission of providing an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education and studio involvement. Your annual donation helps us to provide people from all walks of life the opportunity to experience working with glass, in many cases for the first time. Contributions will also help to expand our ability to reach under-served youth in our community experience this amazing art form. Your contribution also helps us to bring visiting artists in to SiNaCa for workshops, demonstrations, and special events.

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A huge thank you to those of you that have contributed to SiNaCa Studios. We sincerely appreciate your generosity!

2015 Membership
Marcella Berg
Janet & Frank Cappucccio
Susan Coulter & John Hinton
Chief Oil & Gas LLC


Susan McGehee
Marvin Sitts


Marilyn Ackmann
Janet & Ray Brown
Barbara & Dennis DuBois
Bryte Henry
Helen Manning
Patty Marshall
Tim Todd
Catherine Wehlburg
Coulter 2006 Mgmt Trust


Evelyn Siegel
David & Theresa Sieja


Dr. Al & Ms. Marsha Abeson
Gabriele Bates
Janice Benham
Linda Greene & Neal Blankinship
Kelly Bowden
Jay Burleson
Douglas Cannon
Heidi Childers
Bertha Crofford
Todd Crump
Robert Ellis
Carl & Barbara Ernst
Susan & Stephen Floyd
Mary Flynn
Howard Forsberg
Claudia Gray
Karen Hall
John Hinton
Carter Tiernan & John Jeffries
Ray & Nancy Lichtenwalter
Mike McGehee
Alan & Lynne Moffatt
Mark Nelson
Susan Nus
Paul Recer
Donald & Pat Rohloff
Cathy Roth
Rachel Stas
Brady Steward
Denise Thompson
Priscilla & Chris Veeder
Ursula & Sean Walker
Kim Worley


Tina Athans
Amy Barraclough
Karen Bowen
Renee Caughman
Dale & Debra Childers
Daun Dickson
Monty Favre
Nathan Fisch
Patrick Gaither
Carlo Galotto
Ginger & Joe Gearheart
Brandon Gibbs
Scott Goodfellow
Jeff & Toni Guinn
Rebecca Guttery
Megan Henderson
Donna Hertel
Beth Hodge
Justin Holt
Paul Jentz
Ralph Laborde
Regan Louise
Michele Massaro
Evelyn Muelder
Sarabeth Mueller
Diana Packer
Steve & Ann Quinlan
Darius Ramirez
Louise Regan
Jessica Rixie
Elizabeth Semrad
Abigail Stoddart
Paul Szempruch
Stephen Thompson
Brad Trent
Jamie Wolff


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