Call to Artists

SiNaCa Studios is proud to present Vitro Moda 13 hosted at The Ostreum on Saturday, March 6, 2021

As an artist who has supported and been a part of SiNaCa Studios – School of Glass and Gallery, you know how important your involvement is to the continued success of our non-profit organization. We are calling on you to donate one piece towards our fundraising efforts in support of SiNaCa Studios. Donating artists are encouraged to additionally submit between 1 and 3 items for consideration for the exhibition during the event at a 50/50 split.
As a donating artist, your additional submissions may be of varying values, and will be included in the exhibition portion of our event for sale at prices that are determined by you. The final decision on acceptance and placement of work will be made by the jury. All participating artists will receive written notification of jury selections prior to the event.

The Silent Auction One submission per participating artist will be included in the silent auction as a donation with 100% of the proceeds of each sale benefiting SiNaCa Studios. Artists may recommend a particular submission as a donation, but the final decision will be determined by the jury.

The Exhibition Up to three additional submissions per donating artist will be included in a unique exhibition that commences with a runway presentation in which couture models showcase sculptural objects, glass vessels, wearable art, jewelry and accessories created by artists like you. The featured pieces will be available for purchase at the conclusion of the show, in a gallery style presentation, at the retail price set by the artist.
Unless otherwise noted, sales of these featured runway pieces will be a 50/50 split between the artist and SiNaCa Studios.

Submissions and Some Fine Print We thank you for your continued support of SiNaCa Studios. We couldn’t do this without you! In order to submit work, please be prepared with images of your work, titles/physical descriptions, and retail prices.


Alternatively, you may also email us your submission:
If you are local, you can also arrange a time to drop off your submission in person. In-person submissions for Vitro Moda will be accepted anytime during business hours. Please call us to schedule a time to drop off your submissions.

Artists will be notified as soon as possible as to the final status of their submissions.

Names of all selected artists will be featured in the program and on the SiNaCa Studios facebook. All in-person submissions that are not accepted, or work that is not sold at the event will be returned to the participating artist by April 23, 2021.

For more information on submitting work, please email      Please make plans to join us for the 13th anniversary of Vitro Moda, we’d love to see you! A formal invitation with ticket information will follow. Thank you again for your consideration and participation!   The SiNaCa Studios Team

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