Centerpiece Workshop

We are holding a center piece creating workshop for Vitro Moda 11. There are three parts to the workshop. You can choose any, or all components to participate in. Each team member will be an important part of creating the centerpieces for SiNaCa’s upcoming fundraising event, Vitro Moda 11.  Working side by side with our featured artist, James Akers, from concept through completion. 

All participants in the workshop will receive special recognition in the event program as well as discounts on tickets to the event.

All Materials Included. Registration can be done at the bottom of the page.

Xtra Thiccc (Blown Glass) | Fort Worth @ SiNaCa Studios                    

3/15 & 3/16  |  10a-4p (12 hours)  Inspired by James Akers, Led by Team SiNaCa |  Price: $300 |  Class Limit: Max 6  |  Skill Level: Intermediate

some conventional and oft-avoided techniques to create sculptural
components made of glass. Learn how to use a ladle for its intended (and
unintended) purpose and methods of creating thick glass shapes. We will
play with optical distortions and light-catching elements in a studio
glass environment that embraces the typical qualities that only hot
glass, manipulated by human hands holding steel tools can provide.

Neon Mess | Dallas @ ACME Creation Lab                                        

3/18 & 3/19  |  9a-5p (16 hours)  Led by James Akers  |  Price: $300 |  Class Limit: Max 6  |  Skill Level: Beginner

the wild as we dive into a world of non-traditional methods to create
luminous, tubular, artisanal lightbulbs! Students will learn a few of
the basic bends that make up most of the neon seen in the world. We will
then learn a few tricks to bypass over a hundred years of commercial
signage glass standards, and get straight to creating three dimensional,
neon tangles for sculptural purposes. In the end, we will have the
tools to induce sublime environments of curated electromagnetic waves,
chaotic flameworked illusions of movement, and soothing fields of color
that envelop the viewer.

Mirror Party | Fort Worth @ SiNaCa Studios                                       

3/20  |  3p-9p (6 hours)  Led by James Akers  |  Price: $115 |  Class Limit: Max 8  |  Skill Level: Beginner  |  Pizza & Beer Provided

have a party! We have lots of clear glass and love mirrors! Students
will explore a traditional silvering process to mirrorize three
dimensional glass in a variety of shapes. We will use industrial
strength chemicals to imbue plain, clear, blown, glass shapes with
precious metal magic. In this party, we will explore some unique
properties that pertain to glass that other reflective materials
struggle to capture. Come with an open mind, waterproof smocks, boots
and bring some glass of your own and some drinks for later.

a limited time, as long as your meet the highest skill level
requirement, you can sign up for any of the following combinations of
the sessions.

All Three Sessions | Fort Worth & Dallas  (34 hours)

3/15 & 3/16 (10a-4p)  |  3/18 & 3/19 (9a-5p)  |  3/20 (3p-9p)|  Price: $640 |  Skill Level: Intermediate

Xtra Thiccc & Mirror Party | Fort Worth (18 hours)

3/15 & 3/16 (10a-4p)  |  3/20 (3p-9p) | Price: $375 |  Skill Level: Intermediate

Neon Mess & Mirror Party | Dallas & Fort Worth  (22 hours)

3/18 & 3/19 (9a-5p)  |  3/20 (3p-9p) | Price: $375 |  Skill Level: Beginner


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