Flame Working

SiNaCa Studios teaches with two different types of glass in our flame working studio. One is a soft soda-lime based glass that is used primarily for our bead making classes. The other is a hard glass called borosilicate, sometimes referred to as pyrex. It requires a much hotter flame to work, but can be used to create more complex sculptural and blown work. 
Getting the glass to a workable, molten state is done by using an oxygen/propane table mounted torch. If you have never worked with glass in this way a great place to start is the Experience Flame Working class(see below). It gives you the chance to work with both types of glasses.

If you have flame working experience, or are ready for the next steps follow the links to right to see the options for both Bead Making and Borosilicate.

Experience Flame Working

Price: $125 | Class Size: Min 2 – Max 4 | Ages 14+ | Prerequisite: None

The perfect class for your first experience working with glass in front of a torch. Participants are given the opportunity to work with our instructors to learn about the equipment, tools and materials used to transform raw glass into a memorable experience. When you are working in the flame working studio, you are working with colored and clear glass rods or tubes in front of an open, gas-fueled torch. You melt and shape the glass using fire, tools and gravity. In this 3-hour flame working workshop, each participant will demonstrate the basic techniques of flame working to make several items. You will work with our instructors to create a seasonal item out of borosilicate glass and a couple of colorful beads to string with Moretti-Effetre (soft) glass. Items created will be ready for pick up in the SiNaCa Studios gallery five business days after made.

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