Cold Working

Cold Working 101

Do you have a piece that doesn’t sit flat? Is an edge not quite straight? Just curious about what cold working is? Learn how to safely and effectively use the basic equipment in our Cold Working studio. Students will learn how to work on the flat lap (grinding) wheel, vertical wet belt sander, wet tile saw, and sand blasting cabinet. Other non-machine options may be discussed. Students will be provided with a “blank” to use during the class. $75 per person limited to 4 people per class.

Cold Working – Surface Design 1

Start learning the possibilities that can be achieved with cold manipulation process.  Just because the glass is in its solidified state does not mean the work is done. The goal of cold working and surface design is to explore the physical techniques of carving and removing glass to create patterns, textures and imagery. These processes require specific equipment and various abrasives and applications to create unique patterns and textures to the surface of the glass.

Over the course of this nine-hour workshop, students will work with float glass to apply patterns and surface textures with the arbor, lathe, sand blaster and Dremel tool.  Each session we will focus on a new piece of equipment and the many ways that tool can be utilized to manipulate the glass.

Price: $315   |   Duration: 3 sessions : 3 hours per session  |  Class Size:  Min 2 – Max 4   |   Ages 14+   |   Prerequisite: Cold Working 101 (or equivalent)




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