Kiln Forming Studio Manager

Kiln forming Studio Manager

SiNaCa Studios is looking for a part-time Kiln Forming Studio Manager to join our team that are passionate about sharing the glass creating process.

SiNaCa Studios – School of Glass and Gallery is a not for profit organization, dedicated to providing North Texas an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education, studio and community involvement. The Studio Manager is essential to SiNaCa’s educational programing. The main role of the Studio manager is to manage the day-to-day operations of the assigned studio. This is done by managing staff scheduling, studio operational safety, and maintenance and acquisitions of equipment.


    • Arrive for all shifts on time and follow all expectations as expressed in the Policy and Procedure Handbook
    • Assign, approve and manage all studio lead, curriculum staff and volunteer shifts for curriculum, events, production, and cold working and packaging completed class pieces
    • Attend staff performance reviews and coaching sessions for studio team
    • Communicate staffing needs to Studios Coordinator. Assist in the hiring and training process for new members of the studio team
    • Complete sales reconciliation process and reports as required by accounting
    • Coordinate the acquisition of supplies and student store inventory. Administer student store for respective studio. Conduct accurate and timely quarterly raw materials inventories
    • Develop challenges and invite and monitor participation for studio member night
    • Develop renter population and relationships. Administer renter test to qualify renters. Update and distribute studio renter agreements
    • Ensure safe operations in respective studio
    • Manage and oversee guest repairs and production orders
    • Obtain proper off-site event permits, as required
    • Oversee and update all studio standard operating procedures
    • Participate in curriculum development and management
    • Provide input to annual studio budget preparation that is appropriate, accurate and submitted on time
    • Provide support for visiting artist while using respective studio. Including obtaining materials, studio setup and/or teaching assistant
    • Responsible for cleanliness, preventative maintenance and recommend acquisitions of studio equipment and facility systems to ensure operability and working order
    • Responsible possession of a business credit card
    • Responsible possession of a facility key


Expected Weekly Hours: Studio Managers are expected to work a minimum of 25 hours per week. They may work up to 40 hours as available shifts allow. Studio Managers that cannot maintain a consistent minimum of 25 hours per week may be put on a probationary period.

Annual Salary: Studio Managers receive starting compensation at $27 per working hour. Cost of living and merit raises will be assessed annually during evaluations.

Payment: Studio Manager pay is W4 employee payroll and will have state or federal taxes deducted. It is processed monthly (by the 15th), for work conducted in the previous month. Studio Managers will be issued a W2 at the end of the accounting year.

Volunteer Compensation: A $50 gift card is provided for every 10 hours of non-demonstration, sanctioned volunteer time. These gift card dollars are redeemable for SiNaCa classes, rental time, and raw material purchases.


  • Studio Managers that maintain a 25-hour average may qualify for health benefits after 6 months of employment.
  • Studio Managers may rent studio equipment at a discounted rate. Current rates are available upon request. Availability & Time Off:
    Studio Managers should always keep a current work availability schedule on file. Temporary changes in availability are considered as requests for Time Off.
  • Paid Time off: Studio Managers qualify for 50 hours of paid time off after 6 months of employment. Time off accrues each pay period and can be used for up to one year from the date of accrual. Increases in annual paid time off will be assessed annually during evaluations
  • Un-Paid Time off: There are no restrictions for un-paid time off for. However, proper communication within the appropriate reporting relationship is important to maintain employment and benefits eligibility.


Capable of lifting 50lbs
College degree preferred. Minimum of 4 years collective experience in glass studios, galleries and education
Excellent people skills, with experience in collaborating with multidisciplinary, diverse and dynamic teams
Excellent written and verbal communication skills with exceptional attention to detail
Experience in management and advanced understanding of studio equipment and studio safety
Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
Strong organizational, time management, planning and follow up skills


Ability to operate within studio budget
Attendance and participation at facility, philanthropic and fundraising events both on and off site
Inventories and supplies are kept up to date and useful with respect to staff needs, timeliness and cost savings
Maintain professional competence through in service education or in self-selected professional growth activities
Personal attendance for curriculum, programs and events
Positive customer reviews and management observations and high scores on student surveys
Positive outcomes with measurable success indicators from studio standard operating procedures
Records are accurate, accessible and in accordance with the document retention policy


This position reports to the Studios Coordinator. Program and Curriculum Staff, Interns & Shift Leads report to this position.