Ice Cream Social

Saturday, July 11th | 12-3

Normally this time of the year it’s time to turn the glass blowing furnace off for the summer, and we celebrate with an Ice Cream Social and Walkup Workshops. However things are different this year. For the first time ever(?) we will keep the furnace on throughout July and August since we had to close the doors to the public for two months. So our normal sand casting workshop and draining the furnace to create a steam volcano won’t happen this year. What we are doing is this…

There will of course be ice cream! We are excited to once again partner with Melt Ice Creams! Ice cream, glass bowls, t-shirts and raffle tickets can all be purchased HERE. Just call it a very socially distanced social.

We will have the smashing of the donation ice cream “jar” created last year by Aaron Tate by one of you, OR you can bid to save the sundae. For $5 you can purchase a raffle ticket for the chance to smash the sundae with a sledge hammer. If you can’t come to terms with something so well created meet its demise, bid to try to save it. There is a secret reserve price that must be met in order for the sundae to survive. The link for smashing and saving is HERE.

We will also feature our 2nd annual “Bowl Roundup” and glass blowing demos via facebook live and our youtube channel.

All proceeds from the event will go toward studio improvements.



If you can’t make it to the social but would like to donate to help us with needed equipment updates please use the link

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