The SiNaCa Story

The sinaca story


What is now SiNaCa Studios originally began as an artist’s collective of glass makers in 2008. The founders attracted supporters to their gallery shows in places like the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, and were able to establish an advisory committee and board of volunteers, raise an initial $23,000, and lease and renovate an old gas station on Magnolia Avenue. With this first investment, plus a lot of labor and heart, the organization has grown to teach glass art to over 30,000 students in its lifetime and become the only public access studio for making glass art in North Texas. 

SiNaCa Studios has been a nonprofit from its start, so the organization has had the privilege to provide unique and impactful outreach programming for children and adults with partners like One Safe Place, Fort Worth ISD, Cook Children’s Medical Center, and veteran’s programs. Knowing that the arts can teach, inspire, and heal, SiNaCa has received funding from generous partners like the Texas Commision on the Arts, The Arts Council of Fort Worth, and the R4 Foundation, among others. Thanks to this support and the incredible generosity of individual donations, 175 people will experience free outreach programming in 2021 and harness art’s ability to inspire, connect, and heal.

A decade long anchor of the arts landscape in the Near Southside cultural district, SiNaCa Studios School of Glass and Gallery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that continues to elevate the art of glass, employ talented glass artists, teach the art and science of glass, and empower individuals and community through creativity and art. 

SiNaCa Studios is committed to the elimination of discrimination based on gender, race, class, economic status, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and cultural and religious backgrounds. SiNaCa Studios has 501(c)3 status under the Internal Revenue Code.

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