SiNaCa Studios School of Glass and Gallery is a not for profit organization, dedicated to providing North Texas an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education, studio and community involvement. The Program and Curriculum Intern is essential to SiNaCa’s educational programming. The main role of the Intern is to conduct demonstrations, facilitate programs and events, both on and off site. This is done by using skills and techniques of glass art making consistent with curriculum guidelines.

SiNaCa Studios’ Program and Curriculum Intern Program is a oneyear paid internship offered exclusively to students in the University of Texas at Arlington’s glass program. This program is a oneyear commitment. There is a oneterm limit per student for this program. The SiNaCa Studios’ Operations team will review applications for the position annually.


    • Arrive for all shifts on time and follow all expectations as expressed in the Policy and Procedure Handbook
    • Assist in class preparation, studio setup, strike and cleanup
    • Assist in finishing work (gluing, assembling, cold working) and packaging completed class pieceS
    • Attendance and participation in periodic instructor meetings on techniques, curriculum, scheduling and events
    • Effectively verbalize and safely physically demonstrate specific studio techniques to engage the students and
      achieve the desired result
    • Instruct students on proper use of tools and equipment safety conveyed to every class
    • Maintain a safe teaching environment by ensuring proper use of equipment by self and students and report any unsafe conditions to Studio Manager
    • Participate in general studio cleaning and improvements
    • Participate in conducting inventory counts and resupplying
    • Provide Studio Manager support in various duties as assigned
    • Report to Studio Manager any studio deficiencies with regard to sufficient materials and operable equipment


Expected Annual Hours: Studio Managers schedule Program and Curriculum Intern hours based on the needs of the curriculum, workshops and events. Annually, the Program and Curriculum Intern should expect to work ~175 hours instructing experiential classes in the glass blowing studio, ~35 hours to audit and TA experiential classes in flame working, kiln forming and cold working, and ~40 volunteer hours for finishing work, charging, staff meetings and physical
inventory sessions.

Annual Salary: Curriculum Interns receive compensation at $15 per working hour. Curriculum Interns work as per the following schedule:

    • Walkup workshops, offered to the public at least twice monthly, are an open format of first come-first served. Items, created by the attendees, should take between 15 and 30 minutes each and are seasonally themed.
    • Seasonal workshops are item/project-based classes that are offered to the public periodically.
    • Studio Managers will schedule Private events as needed, based on participants requests.
    • Experience workshops are our 2-3 hour first time workshops.
    • Standard curriculum constitutes all other fundamental classes where the student registers through the website.
    • This is only applicable when a participant rents a studio and requires the use of a SiNaCa Studios provided staff member to act as an assistant/gaffer/consultant. This time must be prearranged and documented on the studio calendar to qualify and is not intended to replace private lessons. SiNaCa Studios does not compensate an assistant if they are not on staff or if they are sharing studio time with the participant.
    • Fulfillment (Production) shifts are available in all studios. Studio Managers will schedule as needed.
  • SPECIALTY WORKSHOP/VISITING ARTIST: Pre-arranged, contracted payments will vary by workshop and opportunity.
  • PUBLIC, PHILANTHROPIC AND FUNDRAISING EVENTS (Open Studios, FWADA Gallery Night, ArtsGoggle, Open Streets, Ice Cream Social, and Pride of Southside Homebrew Invitational) Shifts during these events may include tasks outside of normal Curriculum Lead job function.

Payment: Intern pay is as contract labor and will not have state or federal taxes deducted. It is processed monthly, for work conducted in the previous month. Should the amount earned be less than $20, it is carried over to the next month’s payment. Instructors that earn over the legal threshold will be issued a 1099NEC at the end of the accounting year.

Volunteer Compensation: A $50 gift card is provided for every 10 hours of non-demonstration, sanctioned volunteer time. These gift card dollars are redeemable for SiNaCa classes, rental time, and raw material purchases.


  • As 1099NEC staff, Curriculum Interns do not qualify for health benefits.
  • Curriculum Interns may rent studio equipment at a discounted rate. Current rates are available upon request.

Availability & Time Off: Curriculum Interns should always keep a current work availability schedule on file. Temporary changes in availability are considered as requests for Time Off.

  • Paid Time off: Curriculum Interns do not qualify for paid time off.
  • Un-Paid Time off: There are no restrictions for un-paid time off for. However, proper communication within the appropriate reporting relationship is important to maintain employment and benefits eligibility.


Completed one year of glass blowing
Currently enrolled in the UTA glass program at acceptance
Experience in customer service preferred
Reliable Transportation


Ability to share upcoming events and classes
Attendance and participation at facility, philanthropic and fundraising events both on and off site
Cleanliness of studio at shift’s end
Forward thinking: Instructors should have enough experience and preparedness to troubleshoot unexpected challenges
Insight and feedback that brings about improvement in curriculum
Maintain professional competence through in service education or in selfselected professional growth activities
Positive customer reviews and management observations and high scores on student surveys


This position reports regularly to one or more individual Studio Manager and to Operations Director in support of special events.