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April News
We miss you and we sincerely hope that you and your friends and family are doing as well as possible during these different times. It has been a hectic and stressful time for all of us at SiNaCa Studios as we try to navigate our way through all this.

Here is, more or less, where things stand. Currently, we are closed to the public. W
e will gladly open our doors and resume our public classes as soon as it is safe to do so.
We anticipate that we will have to make some modifications to some of our classes to maintain a comfortable learning environment. As things develop, we will do our best to keep you informed. Until that time comes, we will be on site Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays from 2p-7p. If you have something that you made, purchased or need to drop off, we are offering “front door” pick up. We would appreciate an email or voice mail to let us know that you will be coming by so we can have things ready for you.
This doesn’t mean that we are letting time passively pass us by. On the contrary, our team of makers has been putting in countless volunteer hours to make sure SiNaCa Studios is still standing with you on the other side of this pandemic. It all started with turning Vitro Moda 12 into Virtual Vitro Moda. Now we are looking into take home classes, selling raw materials to practicing glass artists and unleashing a new platform for selling glass art. Next we will continue to grow our community by expanding our Open Studios series with videos of glass artists in their own words and studios. We do all of this with the overwhelming desire to remain in a position to create, engage and inspire.
e are actively developing our new series of “Take It. Make It” workshop kits. These kits are kiln forming based projects starting at $25. They are available for contactless pickup and drop off at SiNaCa Studios. The projects are then created at your pace at your home.
Everything you need is included in the kit including a link to a video to provide guidance for each specific project.
We have also developed an online store that offers a few of the items that we have in the gallery. Our initial offerings will be items that are made onsite by our team. So far, we have our Glass Glasses and Business Card Holders available. We anticipate adding borosilicate pendants soon. Moving forward, we do anticipate adding higher end pieces and work from featured artists.
For practicing kiln forming and soft glass, flame working artists we will have a limited amount of supplies available for purchase. There is a link in the main menu of our website, or you can click
to be taken to the store.
We look forward to being able to see you soon, thank you for your support!
Vitro Moda 12
This years Vitro Moda had all the makings of being something amazing. And, to an extent it was nothing short of amazing. Due to the city’s emergency declaration our event was effectively cancelled within 10 days of it being held. Our amazing team scrambled to document all of the work to present in a digital platform. The team at Worth Media did an amazing job of getting a website set up for us to use in super short order! We were also able to get the tremendous folks at PCS Productions to bring a full crew to set up a professional live stream of our featured artist Mark Leputa. Who graciously, and with out hesitation agreed to demo for us. You can check out the video of the live stream
Thank you to The Loop, Cat City Grill, Elevated Content, Cadillac Wines, Leforce Entertainment and The Ostreum for your support!

Blending Hot & Cold Techniques
The week leading up to Vitro Moda we held an intensive workshop with our guest artist Mark Leputa. It was 5 very intense days with an amazing amount of knowledge shared in both the hot shop and the cold shop. Again a huge thank you to Mark, and to the students that helped to make it happen! Check out select image from the week
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1. Visit and explore our exhibition. We’ve got a lot of amazing pieces available for purchase, from some of the world’s finest glass artists.
2. Grab a Groupon or two to spend on future classes. It’s an investment in your future happiness. You’ll save big and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.
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