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February News
As an artist my focus has been with the vessel. In the vessel, I find the form to be of primary importance. It holds the space. In a sense, the vessel is a “history of my breath”: It contains the volume within. If I have done things correctly, the profile of the piece is a continuous curve; the shape is full, and the opening confident. Color is often the “joy” in making a piece. I want the colors to glow and react with each other…”
Thanks to every one that came out to the January Open Studio Night. We had fun rolling up murrini, and then creating surface distortion. Images from the evening can be seen
Our annual fundraiser, Vitro Moda 12 is just around the corner. This year we will be transforming The Ostruem in to our glass vision. We are excited to have Mark Leputa as our featured guest artist. Originally from Pittsburgh, and currently working in Alabama at Orbix Hot Glass, Mark’s sculptures reflect the influences of nature where simplicity, purity of form, and negative space is merged to meet harmony. We will also have a week long intensive class with Mark the week leading up to Vitro Moda. Links for ticketing for both Mark’s class and Vitro Moda can be found below.
Thank you to The Loop, Cat City Grill, The Ostreum and Elevated Content for your support!
February may be the shortest month, but we have crammed it full of classes and workshops. In addition to Walkup Workshops check out the Upcoming Events section to see whats on tap.
Last year we started offering scheduled workshops in the glass blowing studio featuring items from Walkup Workshops. This year we are offering the same option in our kiln forming and flame working studios. The first of these will be a jewelry workshop in kiln forming(info and registration
HERE) and a heart work shop in flame working(info and registration
We look forward to seeing you soon, thank you for your support!
Join us 3/21 for Vitro Moda 12!
This year we will be at The Ostreum, 108 South Freeway
#Suite 130.
Tickets are now available
Mark Leputa will be our featured artist for Vitro Moda 12. He will also be demoing 3/13 for Open Studio Night.
Thank you to The Loop, Cat City Grill, Elevated Content and The Ostreum for your support!
Open Studio Night
February 14th | 6p-9p

Featured Artist:
Tatara Siegel
Join us the second Friday of each month from 6p-9p as we host an
open studio night at SiNaCa. This is your chance to find out more about the “magic” that goes in to creating glass art. As the artist creates their work we give you an interactive play by play, so you can understand better why they do what they do. Our on site gallery showcases our featured artist to give you a close up view of what they create. Its also the perfect time to find out how you can get involved in learning how to work with glass.

Next Class
Sunday, February 29th, 11a

Kiln Forming-A Cut Above
This is your opportunity to have fun while creating practical and useful items in our Kiln Forming Studio. Any of the available pre-determined sets would make for great additions to your home, or gifts for the impossible-to-shop-for person on your list. And, “above” all else, the experience will be something to brag about for years to come. Click
for more info
Flame Working Heart Workshop | 2/13
Price: $75 |  Class Size: Min 2 – Max 5 |  Ages 14+  |  Prerequisite: None

Fan your romantic flame in SiNaCa Studio’s Flame Working Studio! Sign up for our Heart Workshop, and craft up to three hearts with your Valentine. Spots are going fast, so sign up soon!

SiNaCa Studios is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies on the generous support of public and private donors to enable our programs.

Kids Connect2Glass
Get creative in our kiln forming studio. Kids can choose from one of a variety of projects to complete in the hour long workshop. Up to four participants per session.
Next Classes

February, 15th
2p, 315p, or 430p
February, 21st
515p, 630p, or 745p
to register.
Upcoming events
2/5 @ 6p or 2/8 @ 3p
Winedown Workshop | $85
2/16 | Kiln Forming Jewelry Workshop | $95
1p or 330p
2/13 | Glass Blowing: Heart Workshop | $60
Multiple times starting at 5p
2/14 | Open Studio Night
6p – 9p
Featured Artist: Tatara Siegel
2/22 | Adult Day Camp | $275
1p or 5p
Information and Registration
3/12 | Glass Blowing Tumbler Workshop | $60
Multiple times starting at 5p
3/13 | Open Studio Night
6p – 9p
Featured Visiting Artist: Mark Leputa
3/16 -3/20 Glass Blowing Intensive with Mark Leputa
Details and registration
3/21 Vitro Moda 12
630p – 930p
The Ostreum 108 South Fwy Ste 130,
Ft. Worth, TX 76104
Tickets available
$50/person | 8+ (5+ for Kiln)
First Come/First Served (appointments not accepted)  
1st Saturday 1-5 | 4th Friday 5-9
Each of the items we feature are designed to take 20-30 minutes for you to help make with one of our instructors. You pick your colors and manipulate the glass to create your one-of-a-kind glass treasure!

Kiln Forming 2/1
6″ Scratch Tile Platter
Kiln Forming 2/28

Flame Working 2/1
Flame Working 2/28

Glass Blowing 2/1
Glass Blowing 2/28
Egg Weight

Sponsors and Partnerships