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June News
SiNaCa Studios was founded with a commitment to serve and cultivate vibrancy in Fort Worth. Creativity, beauty, and artistic innovation thrive in diversity, and SiNaCa Studios is committed to supporting, believing, and amplifying black voices. We stand in solidarity with our community as it demands changes in our city and state policies. We are dedicated to the community, we actively enhance our community through our programming and partnerships, and we encourage you to be active in your community.
We miss you and we sincerely hope that you and your friends and family are doing as well as possible during these different times. It has been a hectic and stressful time for all of us at SiNaCa Studios as we try to navigate our way through all this. Thank you to everyone for all of your support!

We are in the middles stages of slowly opening our studios. We have been accessible to renters for the past two weeks, and will be starting to offer classes again starting in June. Please either check the calendar
or our classes sections
to see when classes will be offered.
Due to the
to the novel coronavirus (covid-19) pandemic, we will be adding measures to our normal practices based on local, state and federal guidelines to help create a more comfortable and safe environment for our participants, visitors and staff.
Including but not limited to:
  • Sanitizing stations will be in the gallery and each of the studios.
  • We are reducing the number of participants per class to allow for more space.
  • Students will be provided sanitized safety gear
  • Instructors will wear masks
  • Frequent washing of hands will be highly encouraged of both staff and class participants
One of our biggest changes will be our new approach to our Walkup Workshops. For the foreseeable future all Walkup’s will be scheduled.
The items and price will remain the same, you just get to pre-register for a specific studio/item and time. We are controlling the overall number of participants in each studio, sign-ins in the gallery, and people throughout the building. We hope that the new format will allow everyone to keep to a safe distance before and during their play time.
e are continuing to develop our new series of “Take It, Make It” workshop kits. These kits are kiln forming based projects starting at $25. They are available for contactless pickup and drop off at SiNaCa Studios. The projects are then created at your pace at your home.
Everything you need is included in the kit including a link to a video to provide guidance for each specific project. Please check out our current kits
For practicing kiln forming and soft glass, flame working artists we will have a limited amount of supplies available for purchase. There is a link in the main menu of our website, or you can click
to be taken to the store.
We look forward to being able to see you soon, thank you for your support!

Take it, Make it!
We are now offering a new way to play with glass at home! These projects have been developed to be created in the comfort of your home and then returned to SiNaCa for a firing in one of our kilns. All of the needed supplies will be included in your kit, including a glass glue to help keep your masterpiece in place when you bring it back for firing. Click

The Panther Eye Initiative
recognizes the sacrifices made by those on the front line, the first responders and hospital heroes, and honors their incredible work during this historic time.
It illustrates and broadcasts that although we are fragile sometimes, but when we come together we and our communities are truly unbreakable.
It supports local artist and your local non-profit glass arts organization. Learn more
Adult Day Camp
Saturday, June 13
Starting at either 10a or 2p
Play in each of our studios to create a terrarium in glass blowing, mini-watering globe in flame working and a set of 3 garden stakes in kiln forming. Register
$50/person | 8+ (5+ for Kiln)
1st Saturday 1-5 | 4th Friday 5-9
Each of the items we feature are designed to take 20-30 minutes for you to help make with one of our instructors. You pick your colors and manipulate the glass to create your one-of-a-kind glass treasure!

Kiln Forming 6/6
Votive Candle Holder
Flame Working 6/6
Kiln Forming 6/26
Scratch Til
Scratch Tile Platter
Flame Working 6/26

Glass Blowing 6/6
Glass Blowing 6/26

How you can help us
1. Visit and explore our new online store. We’ve got a lot of amazing pieces available for purchase, from some of the world’s finest glass artists, as well as work from our staff.
2. Grab a Groupon or two to spend on future classes. It’s an investment in your future happiness. You’ll save big and you’ll enjoy every minute of it.
View our promotions here
3. Donate to SiNaCa Studios. We treasure your support, and we’ll spend every dollar wisely. You can donate via PayPal here:

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