A Million Tears

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100% of the proceeds go to fund this program

Every person, young and old, has a story. Whether the story be about the past, the present or the future, everyone feels a deep- rooted desire to speak, to be heard. Most people never get the opportunity because it is so hard for one person to be heard in a group of thousands/millions. Through the visual arts a person can fully dive into a visual, tangible representation of one’s thoughts, emotions, fears and desires. SiNaCa Studios – School of Glass is invested in utilizing a creative form of self-expression for healing.  It is in this area of exploration that people can grow to their fullest expressive creative potential and utilize this act of making, for healing. We have developed two unique programs, specifically for the part of our philanthropic mission that focuses on health and wellness.  Identify Your Creative Voice and Ignite Your Creative Voice are each 6-week programs that run consecutively, which builds trust and fundamental skills among the group. It is in these two courses; participants will be given the opportunity and the tools to create unique glass art in conjunction with the process of emotional healing.  

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