Gift Card


Gift Card Special

Use Code <giftcard> for 20% off the purchase of a SiNaCa Gift Card of at least $100 + Free Shipping


  • Gift card can not be redeemed on the same day of purchase.
  • The minimum purchase can not be split between multiple cards.

Gift cards can be used for admittance to any class or workshops or may be redeemed for a purchase in our professional gallery.

Please note that this transaction will not automatically generate a code that can be used for class registration.  When we receive notification of the transaction, we will assign and load a gift card for you.  We will either keep that card at the gallery counter for you to pick up, or we can mail it to the address listed in the shipping section of the transaction.  If you would prefer us to email you a digital version of the gift card in addition to the physical copy, just let us know in the transaction notes.

Gift cards are re-loadable and never expire or lose value.