Tropical Fish Pendant 058


Tropical Fish made from borosilicate glass, can stand without support as decoration or be worn as a pendant. Created on site at SiNaCa Studios in the flame working studio. Our glass pendants will add more interest to your day. Made in front of a torch capable of producing a 3000º flame. This tropical fish pendant is made without a mold which leads further to the individual-ness of each pendant. Your purchase helps to keep local glass artists doing what they love to do, being able to create…

Silicon and Sodium and Calcium are the main elements that make up glass. So, our very name represents glass in its most basic form. The element Si for Silicon, Na for Sodium and Ca for Calcium. Combine them with loads of heat and creative artistry and you have SiNaCa Studios, School of Glass and Gallery. Our mission is to provide an opportunity to experience the rich tradition of glass as a creative medium through education, studio and community involvement.

SiNaCa Studios is an IRS affirmed, 100% publicly supported 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization. We passionately share the enriching experience of creation and it’s contagious. Learning at SiNaCa Studios takes many forms. We offer courses for everyone who seeks a place to learn the glass arts. We also provide a professional gallery space filled with glass treasures and masterpieces waiting to find their new home. Love glass? Come join one of our a classes, please visit SiNaCa Studios website or our Eventbrite Page .


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