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Studio Rental Rates

2-hour minimum. All renters MUST have an assistant as well as updated and signed Studio Rental Agreement and Risk and Release forms on file. All glass blowing studio rentals include reasonable use of annealer space, propane hand torch and standard blocks. Safety protection (kevlar sleeves & gloves, nomex hood, face shield, safety glasses and respiratory masks) are available.

Skills Test/Renter Assessment: If the renter has never taken a glass blowing class with SiNaCa, they must complete a Skills Test/Rental Assessment before studio rental is approved. You have two hours to demonstrate that you can complete the following tasks without direction while completing (3) two gather pieces (tumbler, vase & bowl): Gather, marver, block, neck, heat, flash, basic color application (frit/powder & rod), basic bits, punty, catch and put away a finished piece.

Non MemberStudio Member
Includes tools and pipesPer hour
Standard Glory$55$45
Small Glory/ Bit Hole$45$35
If you use personal pipes AND toolsPer hour
Standard Glory$40$30
Small Glory/ Bit Hole$30$25
Per Session
O2 Hand Torch$10$0
Portable Garage$50
Sand Casting (no glory) Includes 10lb of glass/hourStandard Hourly Rate +1/lb of annealed or colored glass
SiNaCa Assistant$30/hour
SiNaCa Gaffer$50/hour
Private Lessons (min 2 Hour)$250 + $125/additional hour
Skills Test (2 Hour)$150

SiNaCa Assistant: The primary function of a SiNaCa Assistant in the glass blowing studio is to follow the direction of the artist that is renting the studio and the use of the assistant. A studio rental with a SiNaCa Assistant is not intended to be a substitute for a Private Lesson. A renter must be able to pass a Skills Test/Renter Assessment in order to use a SiNaCa Assistant.

SiNaCa Gaffer: The primary function of a SiNaCa Gaffer in the glass blowing studio is teaching a new skill or offering other direct advice on a project. A studio rental with a SiNaCa Gaffer is not intended to substitute for a Private Lesson. A renter must be able to demonstrate basic glass blowing fundamental skills to use a SiNaCa Gaffer.

Private Lessons: Private Lessons are an opportunity to lean fundamental skills in glass blowing outside of our standard curriculum. A student can work at their own pace to learn the fundamentals before moving on to working with a SiNaCa Gaffer.

Studio Equipment

The StudioAt Each Bench
900 Square FootTwo Bench Work Stations
385lb furnace (spruce pine)Jim Moore Tools
Pipe WarmerExact Propane Hand Torch
Two 3’x2’ MarverMulti Mix Hand Torch (O2)
5’x3’ Marver (on request)Heat Shield with Marver and Frit Scoops
Pipe CoolerMultiple Sizes of Blocks
AnnealersGlory Holes
Paragon Color Pick UpTwo 16.5” x 36” (Standard)
35L x 27H x 29D Front Load (double door)8” bit hole (Small)
35L x 22H x 29D Front Load (double door)22” x 25” (by special request ONLY w/2week notice +$100 Fee)
20L x 20H x 29D Rollout Cart
24L x 34H x 29D Front Load (single door)

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