Flame Working Studio Rental

65Flame Working Studio Rental


Studio Rental Rates

1-hour minimum. All renters MUST have updated and signed Studio Rental Agreement and Risk and Release forms on file. All flame working studio rentals include torch, gasses, tools and annealer. Renter must use their own color.

Skills Test/Renter Assessment: If Renter has never taken a flame working class with SiNaCa, Renter must complete a rental assessment before studio rental is approved. This will take about an hour and will involve a few basic exercises to make sure the renter is comfortable with the basics of flame working and with usage of the equipment. Renter will need to demonstrate the following tasks without direction; properly operate the gases and torches and set up studio for use. Borosilicate: Flame cutting, seals and punties. Moretti-Effetre (soft):

Non Member Studio Member
Per hour
Flame Working Studio $17 $8.50
If you use your own torch & tools $12 $5
Batch Anneal $12/cycle
SiNaCa Assistant $45/hour
SiNaCa Consultant $65/hour
Private Lessons (min 2 Hour) $250 + $85/additional hour + $45/hour for 2nd student
Skills Test (1 Hour) $75

SiNaCa Assistant: The primary function of a SiNaCa Assistant in the flame working studio is to follow the direction of the artist that is renting the studio and the use of the assistant. A studio rental with a SiNaCa Assistant is not intended to be a substitute for a Private Lesson. A renter must be able to pass a Skills Test/Renter Assessment in order to use a SiNaCa Assistant.

SiNaCa Consultant: The primary function of a SiNaCa Consultant in the flame working studio is teaching new skills or offering other direct advice on a project. A studio rental with a SiNaCa Consultant is not intended to substitute for a Private Lesson. A renter must be able to demonstrate basic kiln forming fundamental skills to use a SiNaCa Consultant.

Private Lessons: Private Lessons are an opportunity to learn fundamental skills in flame working outside of our standard curriculum. A student can work at their own pace to learn the fundamentals before moving on to working with a SiNaCa Consultant.

Studio Equipment

The Studio Annealers
Two 6’ stainless steel table work areas Paragon F-130
Various graphite marvers and molds Paragon BlueBird XL (bead)
Various hand tools JenKen Chili Pepper (2)
Nortel Major/Minor (1) Carlisle Mini CC (1)
Nortel Minor (4) Carlisle CC (2)
Bethlehem Alpha (1) Smith Mini (5)




Gallery Hours:

Mon – Sat 10a-9p
Sun 12p – 6p

Studio Hours:

Mon – Sat 10a-9p
Sun 12p – 6p

Glass blowing not available

SiNaCa Studio Memberships